Got my new rear today but the drain plug WON'T BUDGE! Also available as a kit that includes SO-CAL shock studs. square the kart (wheels straight foward) the best you can... then you put un-bent rims without tires on front and rear (right side)... take a 4 foot level and place tight against the rear rim the rim in the front should have a gap if its same distance in the front and the rear of the front rim then no lead if there is a difference you can see if there is positive lead or negative lead... my 2008 element had 3 … If I mount two big tires on 5.5 inch backspace wheels, the left side fits with good clearance and the right tire contacts the exhaust pipe and quad shock. Either way (square or center); first set the distance from the motor plate to the axle on the right side. If these settings are incorrect, it will cause handling problems as well as scaling difficulty. Today, the power steering gear and gauges are being installed on our 410 Sprint Car Build by team Fricke. This will help you stay prepared and ready during race season. Once the rear end is in position, TRU-SQUARE holds it in place while you time the birdcages and hook up the rod and torsion arms. The rear end is moved into position by adjusting the length of the TRU-SUARE tools. Rotate it until it’s in between zero and two degrees. Check out the process of installing the full containment seat and seatbelts in episode 4 of the 410 Sprint Car Build series. Getting Your Rear End In Line. Since the torque tube is hooked up and the right side is held in place with the right Tru-Square tool; the rear end will … the differential is contained in a removable carrier assembly which is extracted from the axle housing toward the front of the car. When the torque tube is hooked up to the motor plate do not use all three tools at the same time. Once everything is level, use a wide, strong tape measure to make sure that the rear axle is 38 and 5/8 inches on the right side. Offering spring pins, hangers, shackles, and U-bolts. So far, I've tried everything. It is retained by 10 nuts on studs in the housing. Once the front is square, do cross (X) measurements to the rear axle and square it so L-R AND R-L distances are the same to the rear axle. I choose to run the lower control arms perpendicular to the chassis and make my caster adjustments on the top. Measure from the rear frame bar to the front of the square that is up against the rear of the axle. Then, follow the same steps on the left side. The centering tool can also be used with the right tool to square or center a car. Set the square behind the axle (with one arm of square up and the other on the level ground going toward front of car) this on both ends of the axle. ... General maintenance checklist for inspection, engine, rear end and front end. If both side are equal you have the rear end square. RANDYS carries GM differentials from the small 6.5", as found in the Chevy Vega, up to the larger GM 11.5", common under 3/4 and 1 ton trucks from Chevrolet and GMC. If you want to square the rear end, adjust the tool until the axle on the left side is the same distance from the motor plate as the right side. Setting the rear end front to back – Start by setting the 2 lower 4 link bars at 14” center to center of the rod end … Adjust the upper/lower arms with equal rotation counts to maintain the existing caster and pinion angles. Most square the front to a crossmeamber then square the rear off the front so whole car is a square and not a rhombus. When narrowing a rearend, a couple of things need to be considered. In general your static rear setting should be dead square. How to square the axles in a sprint car. Today, we're following along as Jason Martin builds the Pro Shocks for our sprint car and installs them. Step 2: Aligning The Right Side Tires. Get a square. Rotate the jacobs ladder up, to see if the pin fits. At 01:13 PM 3/7/04 -0800, Dave Plantz wrote: >" I was wondering if you might know how to remove the rear end oil drain plug." Total the distance between both tires and their respective reference strings and then subtract that total from the distance between your two reference strings to … With Tru-Square you don't have to settle for "that's close enough." My recommendations involve squaring to the front pivot points as this will provide the most consistency. Our experts will help you find the correct ring and pinion set for your particular application. Learn how to assemble a rear axle assembly as we put together ours for the 410 Sprint Car Build. GM Differential Identification & Specs. Thanks for following along! Be the first to get new products, special deals & promotions! EMi LR & RR Tire Grooving Guide Whether you are a beginner or an expert; Tru-Square will save you time and increase your setup consistency. As you can position your rear end … Now move over to the left side and adjust the left tool. He walks through the step by step process of squaring the front axle, adjusting the radius rods and setting the side to side. I know 1 full turn of the rear lower makes a big difference in how the car handles. Speedway Standard Set-Up Blocks, 1-3/4 - 4 Inch, Speedway Standard 3 Inch Through 6 Inch Set-Up Blocks, Rear Axle Installation - 410 Sprint Car Build, Rear Axle Assembly - 410 Sprint Car Build, Brake Lines/Motorplate Installation - 410 Sprint Car Build. Use the right tool as mentioned above. They offer a variety of mounting holes and weld-on to the rear end housing. However, most early vehicles used in the building of hot rods have a straight-axle rear end that moves up and down as the vehicle is driven down the road. After that, measure one final time to ensure accuracy. If you want to center the rear end. from gearbox and differential -- TS-204. For best performance lining up the right side tire seems to be best. Make a cross mark on the centerline somewhere behind the rear of the … It is a banjo-type (Hotchkiss) axle, ie. Triple check with the angle finder and feel that the rear arm and jacobs ladder move freely. Just attach TRU-SQUARE to the rear end and the chassis.. Order replacement suspension parts for the rear drive axle of your Navistar or International truck. There's lots to learn from this episode! Check it out! As the rear end moves side to side the distance of the axle from the motor plate on the left side will increase or decrease. Our team of builders continues to make progress on the car! My rear end is not centered !!! Tru-Square was designed to help square up your rear end in minutes. Some manufactures suggest to square your rear end while others suggest to set the distance from the motor plate on the right side then center the rear end in the chassis. Learn how to install the floor plan, brake lines, and motorplate in a 410 sprint car as we launch our 410 Sprint Car Build. adjust the length of the left tool until the rear end is in the proper side to side position. For one of them you can use a 3/8" square socket drive (if the plug is not too tight). This is the standard measurement, but some cars may vary slightly. Once the rear end is in position, TRU-SQUARE holds it in place while you time the … Once the axles are centered, square the front axle by measuring in an X or V to common points. The following is a general list of rear ends and their dimensions to help narrow the search for a possible candidate to replace the torque tube rear end or just get a better set of gears for highway driving. For the most accurate measurement I would suggest dropping a plumb from both ends of the motor plate to create a straight line (extend the line so that it runs just outside of the width of the car) and then measure straight back from that line to the hubs. Now we want to begin lining up the right side tires. Since the torque tube is hooked up and the right side is held in place with the right Tru-Square tool; the rear end will move from side to side as you adjust the left tool. A great way to double check that everything is set correctly, is to make sure that the rear arm and torque ball move freely.

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