When Leo and Sarah split from her family, there is a sign that reads "6 miles to beaches". But the president, in the disclosure of the event, says the first observation was made in Arizona. The impact off Cape Hatteras forms a tsunami that we are told washes inland as far as the Ohio River valley. DEEP IMPACT SALES Exclusive Worldwide Dealer Plantation Boat Mart & Marina, Inc. 90400 Overseas Hwy Tavernier, FL 33070 Phone: 800-635-6714. This is no more possible than computing the flight of a home run based on a single snapshot. A teacher knowledgeable enough to lead a high school class on an astronomy field trip can't tell immediately the difference between a comet (creeps slooooowly across the sky) and a satellite (whips across the whole sky in minutes). Let's do Armageddon vs. A piece of comet flying over your head will just look pretty; it won't vaporize you as it burns. In the film, the comet takes many seconds to travel above the jammed Interstate, at the apparent speed of an ailing B17. Hi, TTAM here (The Truth About Movies)This is a quick 'every death' that I made because I liked this film when I watched it recently. When Jenny Lerner is reading out the National Lottery 'rules' she states that no-one over 50 years old will be entering the ark, but when the Beiderman family arrive there are people in the crowd who are clearly over 50 years old. The ejecta from the crater would have caused firestorms across much of the northern hemisphere, and the resulting smoke plus dust from the impact (in spite of the ocean strike) would have caused an impact winter that dropped global temperatures for a couple of years. Plot holes almost always occur as answers to unsolvable problems. At this distance, and without a lapel microphone (radio or wired), his voice would not have been picked up by the lectern microphones and would have faded away to a muted level. | When a Plot Hole involves something essential to a story's outcome, it can hurt the believability severely for those who are bothered by it. Deep Impact is a poorly made film, but it still manages to deliver some entertaining thrills and some visually stunning action sequences. Directed by Mimi Leder. An object the size of the Messiah (larger than the ISS) being constructed in low earth orbit would reflect sufficient light to be a fast moving object visible to the naked eye. As the comets near Earth, they are hit with over 150 nuclear missiles. The blast and seismic shock of the impact from a comet that size would have completely leveled most of the eastern US within minutes, and the fireball would have ignited much of the United States. On the newscast, they say that the warheads will be drilled We manually review every incoming submission. It might have been punctured by pieces of the debris but not bashed about like a car crash. It would be impossible for them, or any object coming towards the Earth from the direction of the sun, to be visible in the night sky. The trajectory of the comet showed it several times heading directly at the earth, not skimming the atmosphere with fire and smoke and then taking a sudden plunge into the Atlantic Ocean as shown, changing direction at the last minute, which is an impossibility. The Moles appear to be 16-18 inches across, so the hole they drill should have a similar diameter. Comets are not ice chucks but giant pieces of rock. © 2010 - 2021 100ThingsILearned.com • All rights reserved. The first thing you need to do when confronted by a plot hole is identify the root cause. These are neither efficient enough for use in a space suit nor rugged enough for use in extreme conditions. News studios employ full-time keyboard players. At the star party where Leo first sees the comet, he and Sarah use a white-light flashlight to consult their charts. The comet should have been either illuminated by the sun or not. The roads in New York City are completely filled with cars, making it impossible to escape. He then jumps up and down on it and we see again that it is much narrower than the hole it appears to have drilled. Nuclear weapons of such a high yield would be far larger than the weapons shown. Instead of trying to save yourself stand on a beach with your dad and wait to be hit by a tidal wave. A tail also forms on a comet as it approaches the sun. This activity should increase gradually. When the Biederman comet hits the Atlantic , the resulting blast blows away all the cloud cover but in the subsequent shots of New York, Washington, and Virginia, there is still significant cloud cover. Furthermore, one of the astronauts is heard telling his unborn baby that when he enters the Earth’s atmosphere to immediately proceed up the exterior of the mother ship (i.e. DEEP IMPACT BOATS Corporate Offices 14565 NW 26th Ave. Miami, FL 33054 Phone: 855.476.1405. DEEP IMPACT SALES Exclusive Worldwide Dealer Plantation Boat Mart & Marina, Inc. 90400 Overseas Hwy Tavernier, FL 33070 Phone: 800-635-6714. Now in the movie the Messiah traveled 5 months aproximately 150 days away from Earth towards the comet and then it only takes a mere 20 seconds for their video transmission to reach Earth. The 1st comet is due to hit at 4:37pm in August on the Eastern Seaboard, yet when Jenny Lerner walks onto the beach to meet her father her shadow's length shows it much later in the day. Deep Impact … Steven Spielberg served as an executive producer of this film. Deep Impact - May 8, 1998. About 10 minutes in the movie when Jenny's mother, Robin, is being corrected by Jenny on Chloe's correct name, we first see Robin from her back just holding a cigarette with her right hand while the other hand is seen empty and disappearing away. If you're sitting at the park and a huge tidal wave is coming up behind you, despite the fact everybody else is running for their lives, you'll just keep sitting there. There would seem to be two possible outcomes: (1) The comet hits Earth, destroying it, or (2) the comet does not hit Earth, in which case humanity is spared but the audience is denied the sight of lots of special effects. If you go on a kamakazi mission to destroy a comet you'll get a high school named after you. DECONSTRUCTING CINEMA, PART 89: DEEP IMPACT. While not quite extinction level, the smaller comet is still quoted as being 1.5 miles wide and the impact would in fact have been far, far more devastating than portrayed in the movie. Jeeps explode into massive fireballs while rolling down hills. : Please feel free to correct my description in better and more concise terms as needed, french is my first language. DEEP IMPACT BOATS Corporate Offices 14565 NW 26th Ave. Miami, FL 33054 Phone: 855.476.1405. When he was a boy, Stanley's great-great-grandfather, Elya Yelnats, received a pig from Madame Zeroni, a gypsy, in exchange for a promise. The President announces the wave reached the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys, yet Leo and Sarah manage to avoid it by racing to the top of a hill just over 6 miles from Virginia Beach. A few seconds later the camera does a 360 around Jenny, there are no helicopters in the air. Close to the end of the movie, Leo is watching cable network MSNBC at the back of a truck with about a dozen farm hands on a portable TV that only picks up signals over the air. All NASA space launches ascend toward the east in order to take advantage of the Earth's 850 mph rotation speed toward the east. The president had recalled all troops from overseas, so this could not be possible. D.J. The problem is that that the wave would be coming from a northwesterly direction as it is shown. Deep Impact is a tale of comets, politics, total destruction, and the increasingly poor decisions of hormonal teenage astronomer Leo Biederman (played by a young, pre-Hobbit Elijah Wood). In the beginning, when Leo and Sarah are looking at the sky, Sarah keeps looking through the view finder of her telescope and not through the actual telescope. If you're a black astronaut, you better damn well make sure you haunt your wife after you die. Both times her vehicle was hit, it was "bumper-to-bumper". When Jenny gives up her seat on the helicopter, the shot pans out and shows 20 or more helicopters in the air. This is the exact same plot, just told from different perspectives. Some stories have a life of their own; authors can start off in one direction and find that the characters and events they’ve created are intent on dragging them somewhere unexpected. Detonating nuclear weapons lodged in a comet should be done at a safe distance (for future reference). Alpha Centauri is not visible in the northern hemisphere. When Ben Affleck pointed this out, Michael Bay told him to shut up. (The Washington Square arch is actually on the uptown side of the park, while the wave should be coming from farther downtown. When the tsunami is overtaking the World Trade Center towers, the camera pans down to the street, and 7WTC (3rd skyscraper to collapse on 9/11) should be seen as it stood directly in front of the towers based on this shot, but 7WTC is not there. Plot Holes are those annoying gaps in a story where things happen without a logical reason. “Deep Impact” contains several swear words and has one high-school boy telling Leo that because he is famous for discovering the comet, he is going to have lots of sex. The cheering-crowd sounds in the final shot do not match the visual of the crowd, which is standing still and impassive. At the time the movie came out, that task was the responsibility of the International Astronomical Union's Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (since 2015, the IAU's Minor Planet Center has taken over that task). So the wave should have hit the front of the statue instead of the back. Everest” is on a collision course for Earth. Wait til the last possible minute to tell the public a flood is coming; it won't lead to panic evacuation and mass traffic tieups or nothin'. The top front of the astronauts' helmets contain two household 12 volt MR-16 halogen lamps. I've watched it dozens of times, so be prepared for some hard questions. The effect of that much mass entering the atmosphere would have been far from harmless. Richmond is a one hour drive from the nearest Mountain-like hills. As Stanley continues to dig holes and meet the other boys at the camp, the narrator intertwines three separate stories to reveal why Stanley's family has a curse and what the Warden is looking for. Although Jenny's car is hit twice in the rear by the FBI car, it remains remarkably undamaged. Gaby Lopez is looking forward to the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. When a comet explodes in the atmosphere the meteror shower doesn't harm anyone but creates a cheery display in the sky for those watching. The first thing the President announced at the press conference was "U.S. First, neither NASA nor the US president is responsible for naming comets. They could have easily flown up beside, or even to the front of, the comet's head, rather than insisting on landing on the night side (and flying upstream into a cloud of rocks). Hitting a Plot Hole at high speed can damage your Willing Suspension of Disbelief. What you can overlook with a telescope while looking at one place would be only a tiny fraction of a degree. The camera pans up and you can see both comets in the night sky. When the comet is shown roaring over the crowd's heads, its trajectory is roughly parallel to the Earth's surface. Red-filtered lights should have been used instead, to avoid wiping out the eyes' dark-adaptation. When the comets are seen just before the Biederman's arrive at the "cave," it is clearly daytime, as it should have been considering this comet had already made its loop around the sun (the sun would have been behind them). This "grazing" would produce far less damage than a square impact because the kinetic energy would be released over a larger area and a longer period of time. The activity on the surface of the comet raises almost instantaneously at local sunrise. However, these waves would be moving at the speed of an airliner, thus making it impossible for any bird to outpace them. The devastation of the clouds and even the "shifted" East Coast shore from the Biederman impact should be seen, but is not. Fortunately, both Deep Impact and Armageddon focused on … An expensive watch is really helpful when the world will soon come to an end. Now you have to get down on your hands and knees and pay reparation. In the next shot, the Sunrise clock is shows 1:36:00. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Plot hole: The government would have no chance of hiding the existence of the comet for a year. Elect a black president and the world comes to an end. The camera (using a passing car to obstruct view) switches from two different angles of her sitting, and a car driving away from her appears that the viewers would have seen pass her in the previous camera angle. This communicates vitality and realism to the audience, bu… In my opinion, 'Deep Impact' is the better of 1998's two 'comet' movies. When the Titan missiles are launched in a last-ditch attempt to destroy the comet, we are told that the comet is 14 hours from impact, and that the Titans will detonate in 20 minutes. Armageddon - July 1, 1998. Quizzes When Wolf's jeep crashes and goes off the road you can see a rope burning (for towing) when it is on fire and resting against a tree. This is an obvious movie spotlight. Crazy Credits Quotes I even changed the aspect ratio to no avail. When they are starting to let the moles drill into the comet, the Astronauts ask Spurgin Tanner how much time is left until the sun bridges the horizon and cooks them, to which he replies, "It's getting tight...1:36:30" A moment later they show the display in the ship which shows in the bottom corner "SUNRISE CLOCK 00:44:10" for a couple of seconds. Plot holes are sometimes plugged up or ignored with a Hand Wave, or occasionally dealt with by a Lampshade Hanging, and some writers think Plot Holes that only become apparent well after the story is over aren't worth sweating.. When Tanner is talking with Monash after Monash was injured, Monash says "...and I see myself dreaming," but his lip movements are something different. Rogue One Plot Holes Too Big To Ignore By Amanda June Bell / Dec. 19, 2016 1:00 pm EST / Updated: Feb. 1, 2018 3:32 pm EST There's no denying that Rogue One was supremely exciting, and a great new chapter in the Star Wars universe. When the crew of the messiah are saying goodbye, Spurgeon Tanner is told that his sons are both on active duty and couldn't make it. Connections Professor Wolf's jeep blows up before it impacts anything of significance, and what is more, the explosion comes from inside the passenger compartment and not the gas tank rupturing. 8 hours before the Event there will still be helicopters monitoring traffic. Second, since Dr Wolf had no knowledge of the comet until he received Leo's mail, he was not eligible to have his name attached to the comet. That's probably because selected artists and intellectuals would enter the ark too, as Jenny Lerner also stated. If any part of the tsunami reached the land north or south of the mountains, either by a direct route across land or by diffraction around the end of Florida and then moving north, it would be too attenuated by this to continue as far as the Ohio River. The comets' tails are shown behind the heads of the comets as they moves away from the sun toward the Earth (as if they were trailing behind them like a wake). Trahan has withdrawn from The American Express after … If the comet were in the earth's shadow, the rotation of Earth below would have no effect upon the light reaching the comet. In fact, the coma of a comet, along with the nucleus, actually form the head of the comet. It is obviously somewhere in Southern California. (David Levy in his book 'Comets', quoted in The New York Times: "By the time (Halley's Comet) passes the Earth, it is sprinting along at close to forty miles per second."). When Orrin is talking to Fish after he is stricken blind, the scene where Fish is preparing to read Orrin Moby Dick, Orrin's lips move an the visual is obviously delayed at one point. This post may include affiliate links. Explaining the mechanics of blowing up a comet will go way over a seven year-old's head. At the time the movie was made, there were several countries in the world that did not have U.S. ambassadors, including Iran, North Korea, Bhutan, Taiwan, and at least five other known republics which the United States does not recognize. No one will notice "the largest spaceship ever built" as it is built in orbit. Most comets have a nucleus (center) that is less than six miles (10 km) wide. After a press conference, a copy of Newsweek magazine is shown with a glossy, shiny cover. Deep Impact is a 1998 American science-fiction disaster film directed by Mimi Leder, written by Bruce Joel Rubin and Michael Tolkin, and starring Robert Duvall, Téa Leoni, Elijah Wood, Vanessa Redgrave, Maximilian Schell, and Morgan Freeman. When Sarah's mom tells Leo she is up on the hill, the camera pans to a mountain top hill overlooking a huge valley. An astronomer can predict a comet's future motion with a single data point. The Messiah should have experienced severe electromagnetic pulses being that close to so many nuclear detonations, if not being outright destroyed. Then a moment later it shows a zoomed in image of the corner of the display that shows "SUNRISE CLOCK 01:36:00" and is counting down. Tough kitipurr Feb 05 01 3030 plays 6. In the first shot of the orbiting Messiah ship, the angle of the shadows cast by the clouds doesn't match the angle of the sun. During the President's continuation of life broadcast, there is a shot in the NBC Studio wide shot where you see everyone watching the line of network TVs, in the bottom left corner of the frame you see a Film camera dollying forward. Then, just after that it passes Sarah's parents going in a parallel direction. Ambassadors for every country in the world are about to tell them what I'm about to tell you...". The hills around the ark are brown and covered in sage and rabbit brush - clearly in Southern California. The Ark is supposedly in Missouri, which is heavily forested and quite green. Leo's last name is listed as Biederman in the film credits, however spelled "Beiderman" on the document the observatory receives from Leo's astronomy club. The strong wind that ripples Jenny Lerner's hair and clothes leaves nearby bushes unaffected. Stuart Caley takes off his glasses twice at the end of a budget meeting. When the wave hits the Statue of Liberty it is observed coming from behind it, which in reality would have been coming from the Jersey City side. Early in “Deep Impact” we learn that a comet “the size of Mt. And with good reason. Global destruction is best confronted by stocking up on Ensure. Most scientific studies indicate that an impact of that magnitude would kill over a billion people. The descriptions of the comet impact are wonderful (if terrifying) and … The coma and the tail are two completely different parts. Since the comet is moving at 26 miles per second, that puts it over 1 million miles from the Earth, and there is no way that the missiles could reach it in that time. In reality, the comet would take less than two seconds for it to flash boil millions of gallons of surrounding water as it directly impacted the ocean floor. Any pieces big enough to get any distance would create an ionization trail resulting in a 20,000-degree jet of flame shooting up the piece's trajectory. After the Biederman portion of the comet hits, there is a shot of the larger Wolf comet as it approaches the earth. The Messiah's trajectory was not realistically (or intelligently) chosen. The spacecraft has a lot of steel girders in its construction - far too heavy to be used. But it makes for a nicer shot that way.). Top advisors to the President wear bow ties. But while both were box office hits that garnered similarly mixed reviews, Armageddon is the movie that enjoyed more sustained popularity and is better remembered more than two decades later. A comet moving at supersonic speeds goes in slow motion when people are watching it from the highway. Paramount Pictures. P.S. A reporter with the security clearance of a postage stamp says she knows everything and instead of seeing what she knows they go "Ok I'll tell you everything..." If only that line worked with our kids "I know everything" Then we could find out all the stuff they really broke. The goof items below may give away important plot points. In the beginning, when Leo and Jenny are looking at the sky, Jenny keeps looking through the view finder of her telescope and not through the actual telescope. The professional astronomer is shown calculating the earth-crossing trajectory of the comet based on a single observation. When Jenny is interviewing Rittenhouse on the dock, the position of the sun drastically changes several times in only three minutes. https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/missions/deep-impact-epoxi/in-depth The wave was really supposed to be coming from the southeast. Destiny 2: Beyond Light left some things unresolved. In fact, a comet's tail always points away from the sun and they should have been pointing directly at the Earth. Zero gravity makes you move in slow motion. And also like the ISS, could be photographed with some detail using amateur telescopes. In an alternate universe, MSNBC is the premiere news source. Original release: May 8th, 1998 Running time: 121 minutes Director: Mimi Leder Writers: Bruce Joel Rubin, Michael Tolkin Cast: Tea Leoni, Morgan Freeman, Elijah Wood, Robert Duvall, Maximilian Schell Impact. The movie completely understates the effects of the Biederman impact and makes it look like there would just be a tsunami resulting from the collision but nothing else. The movie producers were aware of this fact, but special effects technology of the time made it extremely difficult to depict a black object against black space. If you're a President who's about to break the news to the entire world about their impending deaths, have an hourglass on your desk with the sand already run out. Good luck! 01:26:40 to 01:28:43 Deconstructing Cinema: One Scene At A Time, the complete series so far Oh, and don't forget vote for your favorites and share any interestingmovie plot holes that you've noticed yourself! Please make sure to properly capitalize and punctuate your entry =), We've lovingly mined 1,939 movies for 54,195 learnings, This list was started on 8th June 2010 by, This list was last updated on 12th July 2013. However, it is unlikely that in the midst of this momentous announcement, it is unlikely that the President would go into that level of detail. The president at the press conference states that the earth is being hit all the time by rocks and meteors, this is not quite correct as all meteors burn up in the atmosphere and so do not hit the earth it is meteorites which hit the earth. Which blockbuster movie about astronauts digging into a giant space rock in order to blow it up with nuclear weapons was better? The Messiah spacecraft wouldn't be tossed about in such a filmmakers idea of what an explosion "should" look like. Find Deep Impact boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. As doomsday nears, the … You weren’t a good enough writer to see this plot hole a mile off. Jenny states that each of the nukes to be used to destroy the comet possess a yield of five thousand kilotons (that's five megatons). The Hotchner family (along with the Biederman family) lives in Richmond, Virginia, which is nowhere near the Virginia beaches (which are to the east and southeast of Richmond). Not one, but two giant meteors were threatening to wipe out all of life as we know it! from the comet, the comet is shown moving perpendicular to the freeway they're on. Given what we are told about its height, it actually could reach no farther than the Appalachian Mountains. It’s not like that at … Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out Of The Shadows, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. As Jenny records voice memos while driving, a bright white dot is reflected in her sunglasses. I-66 is in Northern Virginia (where the scene was filmed). You can jump onto a dirtbike and drive out onto a highway that is jam-packed with 10,000 vehicles fleeing the area, but it will take you about 2 minutes to locate the vehicle containing your girlfriend and her parents. See all Audience reviews The horizon is the visual effect of the sky meeting the ground, and its location depends solely on the point of view of the observer. This would have generated millions of kilowatts and heated thousands of cubic miles of the upper atmosphere to at least the temperature of a pizza oven, cooking any exposed ground below it. The comet is depicted as nearly white when in reality comets are among the darkest objects in the Solar System, normally reflecting about 3% of the light that hits them (in comparison, Earth reflects about 39%). The Messiah at this point is in a close proximity course, traveling back to Earth just ahead of the comets. The spring and summer of 1998 was a bad time to live on planet Earth. So the filmmakers "cheat" and show the comet diving more steeply when it strikes the Earth. In the wide shot of the helicopter taking off from the helipad, the windsock frame is present, but missing the actual windsock. Leo doesn't stop to fasten the strap on the helmet when he rides off on the motorbike but it is fastened when he arrives at the traffic jam. In the film, the astronaut describes how the comet has a 14 hour rotational cycle. Deep Impact was in some ways similar to the classic novel "Lucifer's Hammer", written by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. Deep Impact Interesting Facts : Page 3 This category is for questions and answers and fun facts related to Deep Impact ., as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. Even then, the mountains in Virginia are completely covered with trees. During the traffic scene, a highway information sign shows Interstate 66. It was designed to study the interior composition of the comet Tempel 1 (9P/Tempel), by releasing an impactor into the comet. When the Messiah is approaching the comet to land on it and Jenny Lerner is reporting on the ship's progress, she mentions that the ship will be entering the comet's "tail, or coma" (implying that the tail and coma are the same thing). Thus, the comet in the movie would have been significantly smaller by the time it had hit earth, having had a large portion of its ice vaporize in its journey around the sun, and would weigh much less than the 500 billion tons the President said it weighed. Parents won't speak up when their daughter would rather die that having a future with the nice fella she just married. Locate Deep Impact boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader! There should be no sunrise or sunset on the comet. When the camera is facing Jenny Lerner's face in the next shot, the windsock is present on the frame. Government officials have no sense of humor or personalities. After the comet's impact, the giant waves are shown moving toward the shore with flocks of birds flying ahead of them.

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