| Takayuki Hirao, Stars: Teiichi Takiguchi It is widely considered to be one of the best anime series in the genre of all time. Visit the link below for all of FANDOM's anime coverage! | Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust follows D, the infamous “dhampir” and renowned vampire hunter. | Maaya Sakamoto, Like Mystery manga, they encourage viewers to learn more about their world... but there may be secrets that are better left unexplored. Now it’s a race against time, as he not only tries to control his demon side but also to save those closest to him. Christopher Pryce, There are two types of worlds, the human world and the Black World, a dimension that few people know about. Halloween is near, which means horror and gore anime fans are in their element. Despite each movie having its own plot, the underlying story focuses on the relationship between Shiki and Mikiya. Lucy Morales, 71 min | Lily C.A.T. Halloween and blood go together like Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal Lake. Yui Horie, Mai Nakahara, | Director: | | However, when it’s time to renew the pact, a militant group disrupts the signing, preventing the interdimensional agreement. Tomokazu Seki, Directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo (Ghost in the Shell), Blood: The Last Vampire takes place in Japan during the ’60s and follows Saya whose sole mission is to kill Teropterids, or monsters who drink blood. Takako Honda, Horror anime create an atmosphere of unease. Horror manga create an atmosphere of unease. Animation, Action, Fantasy, In flashback, Integra is seen assuming leadership of the Hellsing organization as she resolves a conflict with her uncle with the help of the vampire Alucard. Ami Taniguchi, | Takahiro Mizushima, 22 min The stories include Tenshu Monogatari (forbidden love between goddess and human), Bakeneko (monster cat with a desire for revenge), Yotusuya Kaidan (story of a wife betrayed by her husband). | Gross: | Austin Tindle, Toyoo Ashida A young man named, Koichi Sakakibara, transfers to a new school where he finds himself drawn into a mystery involving a mysterious girl and a series of gruesome deaths. Awakening from a coma, she has lost something very important to her, leaving a great void in her soul. Mitsuru Obunai Set in the distant future where space travel is possible thanks to deep sleep capsule technology that slows the aging process. Junji Ito Collection, released in 2018, is a great anime that is a collection of anime horror shorts inspired by the manga series. Blood: The Last Vampire 4. Megumi Hayashibara, As time goes on, Mima starts to break down mentally, struggling to distinguish fantasy from reality. Stars: The Empire of Corpses is a steampunk necromancy homage to Victor Frankenstein and his monster. After being falsely convicted for the murder of his entire class, a young man must learn to survive in a mysterious prison with a perverted take on incarceration while also looking to clear his name. And while the aforementioned are pretty terrifying, the anime movies listed here will scare both the living daylights and nightlights out of you. | Director: | Animation, Adult, Fantasy. A little orphaned girl joins a freak-show circus troupe whose members rape and abuse her. Animation, Short, Action. Here are The 12 Best Horror Anime Series. When his daughter runs away, her father, Suk-gyu, tries to track her down. Hiroki Touchi, 58 min Stars: 120 min The story is set in the same Hinamizawa village as the previous stories, but in this OVA, the village has been completely sealed off due to a mysterious virus in 1983 and Maebara Keiichi and Ryuuguu Rena must deal with the outbreak. Wicked City, features several iconic anime tropes that have negatively stereotyped anime in the West. Director: Complete list of horror manga. Masako Katsuki, | Annemarie Lawless, While Kakurenbo may not be the blood-fest most often associated with Halloween, the movie does an excellent job of keeping you on the edge of your seat. | Animation, Action, Horror. Toshirô Hamamura Stars: Chikao Ohtsuka, 43 min Sanae Kobayashi, Stars: Desperate to find out what happened to him, she heads to Tokyo. Paranoia and the darker side of humanity boils onto the streets as people turn on one another, ... See full summary », Director: Sora Amamiya, Takako Honda, | If you’re looking for spooks, scares, and blood-curdling scenarios, then one thing or another, you’re looking for Horror Anime. Animation, Action, Crime, July 1998: Mikiya finds a confused Fujino Asagami crouched in an alley and noticing she is suffering from pain in her abdomen. While there so many shows to choose from, these 12 animes were terrifying in different ways. A young boy named Hikora enters the ruins of a forbidden city with a group of other children to play "Otokoyo" (a game of hide-and-seek where the players are said to be kidnapped by ghosts and demons) to find his missing sister. The deep-space cruiser Saldes’ crew wake up after a 20-year stint in space, and, naturally, encounter a disaster, as alien bacteria has gotten into the ventilation system. Shinpachi Tsuji, When many deaths occur in the quiet village of Sotoba, Doctor Toshio Ozaki initially suspects an epidemic but soon becomes convinced that something else is causing them. The ... See full summary », Directors: It’s also about mysteries and suspense — something King of Thorn defintiely has. Part 3 of Kizumonogatari (Wound Tale) trilogy, based on a light novel by Nisio Isin. Note: We arranged the list in the order they aired or released. But there’s a huge problem, the city’s citizens are turning into zombies one by one. Eri Sendai, Koki Uchiyama, Satsuki Yukino, TV-MA But when the group awakens they are flung into a horrifying situation. | Stars: However, one film that particularly sticks out is Paradox Spiral which follows the strange happenings at an apartment complex. Clint Bickham, Animation, Action, Drama, Fear runs rampant throughout Tokyo with the revelation that demons in fact exist amongst us. A family is attacked by demons and only two members survive - Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko, who is turning into a demon slowly. So, here are the top 10 horror and gore anime characters you need to avoid on a dark, cold, scary night. Akiko Kobayashi, Kenichi Suzumura, When three gifted kids at an isolated idyllic orphanage discover the secret and sinister purpose they were raised for, they look for a way to escape from their evil caretaker and lead the other children in a risky escape plan. 40 min Hisayuki Toriumi But one day he meets a friend, and his life begins to become more intense. Ajin Part I: Shoudou 6. 88 min Directors: Kenichi Suzumura, | | | Star: Animation, Action, Drama. Satsuki Yukino, Director Darren Aronofsky reportedly bought the rights for Perfect Blue and drew inspiration from the film while making Black Swan. | Animation, Action, Fantasy. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. She meets with battle-hungry bounty hunter Falis, and with a ... See full summary », Directors: Jôji Nakata, TV-MA Sayaka Ôhara, TV-14 Bill Timoney, | | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yukari Tamura, Amid this crisis, a girl named Kaori loses contact with her boyfriend Tadashi, who lives in Tokyo. A skilled ninja seeks to end the bloodshed these... See full summary », Stars: Tomoaki Maeno, | Stars: Mirai Kataoka, They’re all locked up and isolated from society inside a research center, run by the government. Shuhei Morita Tomoyuki Kurokawa, Junko Iwao, Ei Aoki | Stars: Chronicling his quest to rid the world of nobility, D is asked by the Elbourne family to rescue their daughter Charlotte from the vampire, Meier Link. Director: Sôichirô Hoshi, Although the movie is clearly a metaphor about the way big cities impede the natural play of children, and it channels all the anxiety about Japan’s declining birth rate, it is the most visually stunning horror story of this. Two stories about teen-aged girls who encounter supernatural horrors. Shin'ya Kawatsura, Yû Mizushima, Director: Sang-ho Yeon 30 min Asami Imai, However, this innocent game quickly turns into a nightmare as the children start disappearing, one by one. $0.78M, TV-MA The film centers around the story of Victor Frankenstein bringing the dead back to life. Animation, Short, Fantasy. The horror sci-fi anime movie may sound weird, but it’s well worth putting in the Halloween rotation this year. | A force of supernatural darkness is unleashing the walking dead on Tokyo, and five high school students with extraordinary powers - and nothing in common - must band together to fight the scourge. Annemarie Lawless, R And ... See full summary », Director: A void that some beings from the ... See full summary », Directors: | | Elfen Lied features human-like mutants with horns, referred to as Diclonius, who have strong telekinetic powers among many other abilities. Stars: Stars: | Share PINTEREST Email Print Michael Klippfeld / Getty Images Visual Arts. Seung-ryong Ryu, Movies that stay with you after you’ve watched them are are a true hallmark of a great spooky anime. | Leah Clark, Franciska Friede, So imagine a giant white shark chasing you down the street. However, saving the lovely Charlotte becomes more complicated than anticipated as she has fallen in love with her kidnapper. Illich Guardiola, Not Rated Bio Hunter tells the story of a mysterious virus that spreads throughout Japan and turns those affected into ... Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. | Hirotoshi Takaya 80 min The friends Kaori, Erika and Aki are on a vacation to celebrate their upcoming graduation, when suddenly an infestation of mysterious walking fish forces them to reevaluate everything they care about in order to stay alive. There is only one problem - Azaka is his sister. Coming Soon. 24 min Stars: Akiyuki Shinbo Mikiya accompanies her to his apartment where she falls asleep... See full summary », Director: Maaya Sakamoto, Love (ft. | Monica Rial. Animation, Action, Crime, September 1998: A recent spate of unusual suicide incidents where several high school girls fell to their death, but left no suicide note and had apparently no reason to commit suicide. | Blood: The Last Vampire was the film that launched the entire Blood franchise. Mamoru Kanbe Yui Horie, 68 min Stars: Katie Gray, Toshifumi Kawase 23 min Just like in the games, in Resident Evil: Degeneration you never know when a zombie will pop out and take a bite out of you. | Later on, at the high school freshmen ceremony, Mikiya sees Shiki in the crowd and chases after her, ... See full summary », Director: ... See full summary », Director: Crispin Freeman, Naoyuki Tatsuwa | | The genre has so many layers to it, such as psychological horror, supernatural horror, and just straight up bloody horror. Refine See titles to … Stars: While pictures such as … Stars: Mamiko Noto, Crispin Freeman, | Anime Top 10 List: Horror. Kenichi Suzumura, On top of that, it takes place several years after the Raccoon City incident. Hiroshi Harada Shinobu Adachi, | Animation, Horror, Mystery, After losing a bet, Keichi, Mion, Rena, Satoko and Rika parade around the town in costumes. Then Hell Girl appears to do their bidding. 57,803 Natsuki Hanae, 2018 horror anime did not have many new releases in 2018, but Netlfix's Devilman: Crybaby was a binge-worthy anime series. | Stars: Pamela Weidner, Director: Seizô Katô, At only 25-minutes long, it’s a perfect in-between film while you wait for your takeout. Just like the story of Sleeping Beauty, the castle is covered with thorns, and unknown creatures attack those who have awakened. | Director: Hitomi Harada, Not Rated | The heroine, Oribe Mutsumi and her classmates wash ashore on an island. The story of a group of young friends and the mysterious events that occur in the rural village of Hinamizawa. | Shiki wanders the back alleys of... See full summary », Director: Stars: 46 min 24 min In ... See full summary », Director: Hiroki Touchi, TV-MA This list of horror anime has been ranked from best to worst by fans of the genre. Stars: | Nobuyuki Hiyama, MyAnimeList.net ... Movie - Jul 16, 1988 538,546 8.17 Watch Video. 120 min Takako Honda, 150 Great Anime Movies by IMDbBestMovies | created - 27 Apr 2018 | updated - 04 Jun 2018 | Public From instant classics to lesser known gems, we've curated 150 of the best Anime movies for you. Two university students come across a seemingly harmless girl named Lucy, unaware that she's actually a mutant serial killer with a split personality. In present day, Alucard goes ... See full summary », Stars: 13 Chilling Horror Anime Series and Films You Need to Watch Animation at Its Most Terrifying. 30 min Rica Matsumoto, | From the … A freshman at the school, Niija Teiichi, stumbles upon the ghost of this woman and seems to ... See full summary », Stars: Minako Naka, Tell us what you think about this feature. Who can stop this relentless onslaught? 80 min Animation, Drama, Fantasy. Nobunaga Shimazaki. Stars: Keinosuke Okamoto, | Chikao Ohtsuka, 49 min Stars: Satoshi Kon Kenichi Suzumura, Stars: Stars: Halloween is not all about zombies and blood. Will Suk-gyu be able to locate his daughter, and will she still be the person he once knew? Kei'ichi Sato From vampires to horrific viruses, there is an anime movie to satisfy every horror searching moviegoer. Satsuki Yukino, Alan Marriott, Like Mystery anime, they encourage viewers to learn more about their world... but there may be secrets that are better left unexplored. | Director: FANDOM is the ultimate destination for celebrating your love of anime. Stars: Adam Conlon. Osamu Saka, Animation, Action, Fantasy. Stars: | | Wataru Takagi, TV-MA | Stars: Naoki Kinoshita, Stars: Watch Horror anime and Asian Drama on FUNimation.com. This horror anime movie has everything you could want for Halloween — it’s mysterious, intense, and utterly terrifying. Takahiro Sakurai, Dorothy Elias-Fahn. Five students are trying to find out more about one of their hometown's oldest folklore that is now made into a video game, Aooni. | Watch anime episodes and trailers; get news updates. Satoko Kifuji, 42 min | Director: Yôko Hikasa, | Ryô Hirohashi, Masami Saeki, 25 min 100 min Animation, Action, Comedy. Animation, Horror, Mystery. But, she quickly realizes that this will be a challenge as Japan’s capital has been taken over by the fish and their revolting stink. Halloween horror is something everyone can enjoy! After performing a charm that would supposedly unite them as friends, a group of students are teleported to the mysterious Heavenly Host Elementary School where they are visited by the spirits of the school's murdered students. What are some of best anime movies to watch? Takuya Nonaka In fact, he even lifted several scenes from the anime movie. Takuma Negishi, | He survives, but has become part ghoul and becomes a fugitive on the run. But for an intense Halloween weekend, you could just marathon them all. Eri Kitamura, Christopher David Burton, | Takahiro Miura Through eerie music and sounds, visceral or disturbing imagery, or startling moments, works of Horror make you worry about what gruesome thing is coming next. Kôichi Yamadera, Stars: Hideki Takayama Animation, Horror. | | 81 min Mai Nakahara, Yuichiro Umehara, | Animation, Horror, Mystery. Thomas Alan, TV-MA | Francis Cherry, Stars: HBO Max has become a go-to streaming platform for fans, and it hopes to up its popularity with a new rollout of anime films. Abandoned in the barren wasteland of Kyoto, a savage, enraged orphan does whatever it takes to survive in the wild. Director: The relative coexistence of the human world, demon world and beast world is soon to be disrupted by The Overfiend, an immensely powerful demon who'll be reborn after 3000 years to remake the world to his own liking. | In fact, it’s actually quite cheesy. Romi Pak, But, if you want to relax on your couch and watch a cat do horrific things, then you must check out this film. Animation, Drama, Fantasy. Animation, Crime, Mystery. Duncan Brannan, | So, without any further ado let’s begin. Katie Gray, TV-MA Hellsing. Kasumi, a teenage girl and one of the 160 selected for the procedure, is guided to a Cold Sleep Capsule Center (CSCC) inside an ancient castle. Sonny Weil, | Emily Neves, 55 min Atsushi Abe, Trying to find Horror anime? Stars: Chiaki Kon Mariya Ise, For hundreds of years, a pact existed between the two dimensions for peace and harmony to exist on both sides. | From the director of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust and Ninja Scroll, comes the ’80s horror anime movie Wicked City. Watch as much as you want, anytime you want. While on set, strange things begin to happen to people who are involved with the movie. Jun'ichi Suwabe, 25 min 50 min Maaya Sakamoto, Tanjiro sets out to become a demon slayer to avenge his family and cure his sister. Mai Nakahara, TV-MA | Masaaki Ôkura, Votes: Animation, Action, Adventure. After death, humans go to either heaven or hell. Bob Carter, The Invisible Man beat out Freaky, Relic, The Rental, and Sputnik.. A reinterpretation of the original 1897 novel by H.G. Animation, Action, Drama, January 1999: Meet Azaka Kokuto. TV-14 Anime horror I like (most won't be straight up horror because horror anime is slim pickings but all in the list should appeal to horror fans) List not finished yet. Adam Gibbs, Naoko Matsui, TV-MA Chris Ayres, Animation, Drama, Horror, In this continuation of the hit horror anime, secrets are revealed as Rika Furude desperately attempts to save Hinamizawa and her friends from their tragic fate, Stars: Mamoru Oshii Perfect Blue 2. The beautiful island of Okinawa is taken over by a horde of walking fishes that are leaving the ocean and heading to the cities. So, here are some anime movies that fans and non-fans alike should watch this Halloween. When they come to a fork in the road, they decide to go to Yagouchi, a nearby abandoned village. She then finds a glimmer of hope in the enigmatic magician who joins the group. | But for some, at the instant of their death, they arrive at the Quindecim, a bar attended by the mysterious white-haired Decim. I've done several Top 10 lists in the past that were horror themed and you guys always seem to enjoy them quite a lot. You might not be able to take the fight into your own hands with a controller, but these immersive films are sure to hold your attention from beginning to end. Animation, Drama, Horror. | 24 min | | The world has started using human corpses with no souls in them for tedious work. Mika Kanai, Rina Satô, Kazuyoshi Katayama The Garden of Sinners is a seven-part movie series chronicling the life of the knife-wielding Shiki Ryougi and her classmate Mikiya Kokutou. Shall we? Hiroyuki Okita, Narumi Aoki, 108 min Kaneto Shiozawa, Mark O'Brien, The straightforward South Korean anime movie is perfect if you love zombie movies. Not only do the bizarre-looking fish in Gyo take over the land, but also giant great white sharks. In the Anime world, there’s only just a handful bunch of shows wherein the word “horror” comes true to its name. 17-year-old Shinichi Izumi is partially infected by a Parasyte; monsters that butcher and consume humans. Stars: Catherine Glynn, 59 min Before it was a Scarlett Johansson movie, Ghost in the Shell was already one of the most influential anime movies across the world. But one of her hardcore fans, Me-Mania, is less than happy about her new career path. However, when Kasumi and the others awaken, they notice that the CSCC is not as they remembered. A classic horror anime, Elfen Lied has enough cruelty and bloodshed to appeal to all horror movie lovers. Animation, Short, Horror. | Brina Palencia, TV-MA It’s also a great way to kick off the Halloween season before diving into the live-action stuff. Top Horror Anime 2018. 80 min Stars: | | | Wells, The Invisible Man stars Elisabeth Moss and was released in … In a fantasy world, a lone hero makes his living by exterminating all goblins he encounters. Animation, Drama, Horror. Kenichi Suzumura, | Director: Jinpachi Nezu, Atsuko Enomoto, Tomoaki Maeno, Maaya Sakamoto, Takahiro Miura Don't worry, there's lots of dark anime and good horror anime for fans to enjoy! Sôichirô Hoshi, Animation, Action, Crime, June 1998: Shiki has had a near death experience. A mysterious young girl wanders a desolate, otherworldly landscape, carrying a large egg. John Watson (from the Sherlock Holmes stories) is a medical student at the University of London who illegally studies the missing soul in corpses, with the help of Friday. Jôji Nakata, 114 min Kazuyoshi Hayashi, Not Rated Stars: Stars: Rebel Joy, When he crosses paths with civilization, he must learn to tame the beast within. John Snyder, Stars: When someone wants revenge, they post about it on a special website at midnight. Natsumi Takamori, Tomoaki Ohta Director: | Ryô Naitô, 67 min Brad Hawkins, 64 min Kazuyuki Okitsu, Takayuki Sugô, 56 min Takako Honda, Stars: Takako Honda, Zuleika is a fan contributor at Fandom and focuses on Anime with words on Vocal, Movie Pilot and Fanime BLOG. So if the short horror anime film isn’t enough to quench your vampire thirst this Halloween, there’s always the 50-episode Blood+ anime series that’s set in an alternate universe. Kenichi Suzumura, A virus begins to grip the Earth's population and a group of hopeful survivors are cryogenically frozen in attempt to find a cure. There are plenty of scary movies and horror films for film lovers to choose from, but what about anime fans? Sôichirô Hoshi, Ayakashi is a horror anime that is consisted of three classic Japanese horror stories. The film follows Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they battle a rogue warrior and a mutated monster on a rampage. Now with Halloween only a few days away, it seems appropriate to look through some of the scariest of anime movies. Stars: Maaya Sakamoto, | Animation, Short, Action, In the land of Foreland a coup d'état has occurred and the princess, after witnessing the death of the King, is on the run. When the pandemic “Medusa” spread throughout the world, there was no cure in sight. Yû Kobayashi, TV-MA She falls asleep anticipating a reunion with her twin sister, Shizuku, in the future. Director: Stars: | Complete list of horror anime, and watch online. The vampire Alucard, his master Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, and his newly sired ward Seras Victoria, try to protect England from a war-crazed SS-Major who seeks to start an eternal war with his vampire army. Justin Briner, 92 min Ibara no Ou (King of Thorn) 5. Animation, Action, Horror. Shinei Ueki, Jessica Boone, In this sequel to Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend, the unbelievable sexual violence of the Overfiend and his cohorts from Hell continues to wreak havoc on the earth. Sang-hee Lee, Not Rated Bio Hunter tells the story of a mysterious virus that spreads throughout Japan and turns those affected into uncontrollable demons with a taste for human flesh. Animation, Adventure, Horror. The expendable crew of a corporate space vessel must stop a murderous shape-shifting alien organism that somehow got on board. Mai Nakahara, Norihiko Morishita, Loves series, movies, and games that have to do with bloodthirsty but equally intelligent psychos. Animation, Horror, There is a legend in Japan that if one eats the flesh of a mermaid, one will become immortal. But, besides this horrible categorization, the film does feature plenty of action, romance, and, of course, some blood and guts. King of Thorn. | Animation, Action, Fantasy. Animation, Action, Horror. Momo Asakura, | The anime film’s captivating action-adventure story puts a new spin on an old and worn-out genre. Rika believes she has ... See full summary », Stars: Ken'ichi Takeshita Discover more Horror anime on MyAnimeList, the largest online anime and manga database in the world! is ripe with clichés and features the subpar dubbing associated with anime of the late ’80s. Bick Balse, Unrated A young girl requests the help of a vampire hunter to kill the vampire who has bitten her, and thus prevent her from becoming a vampire herself. | Hiroaki Motoigi Hiromi Igarashi, TV-MA High school students are overwhelmed with the start of the zombie apocalypse. 13 Must-See Scary Anime Movies. Animation, Horror, Mystery. | The company chooses 160 people to put into a cold sleep in hopes of finding a future cure. 30 min Muramasa 9. 300 min Yui Ogura, | Hiroaki Hirata, | | Takako Honda, Director: He must learn to co-exist with the creature if he is to survive both the life of a Parasyte and human, as part monster, part person. Animation, Sci-Fi, Thriller. Toshiyuki Morikawa, Animation, Action, Crime, February 1999: A new spate of ferocious murders has caught the eye of both Shiki and Daisuke, Mikiya's cousin who investigated the murders occurred in 1995. Takaya Mizutani If you’re only interested in blood and gore, then this 48-minute anime movie is perfect for you. Takayuki Hirao Anime Recommendations [Article Category] Action Anime, Fantasy Anime, Drama Anime, Horror Anime [Genres] Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), Tokyo Ghoul, Fullmetal Alchemist, Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus' Bride), Made in Abyss, Ajin (Ajin: Demi-Human), Houseki no Kuni (Land of the Lustrous), Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist), Berserk, Fate/Apocrypha, Yuuki Yuuna … Minami Takayama, | Jôji Nakata, | This isn’t exactly the greatest horror anime movie out there. Takako Honda, In four episodes, a ... See full summary », Stars: Top Best Anime Movies You Should Watch. Stars: Kei'ichi Noda, Not Rated | Yoshimasa Hosoya, Horror anime should primarily be scary, but one of the perks of the genre is that anime can animate terrifying visuals on a level that often surpasses standard American animation. Christopher Courage, Koyomi saved Kiss-shot, who was on the verge of death ... See full summary », 83 min Vampire Hunter D is the perfect anime movie to start off your spooky weekend. ... More TV Shows & Movies. Animation, Action, Fantasy. Stars: A monk and a potter must protect a girl from an evil businessman who wants to sacrifice her to resurrect an ancestor. 24 min Stars: | Through eerie music and sounds, visceral or disturbing imagery, or startling moments, works of Horror make you worry about what gruesome thing is coming next. | Manga add. Stars: Warning: Mild nudity. Takako Honda, skillfully combines space movie classics, gore, and a cat. 50 min Takeshi Aono, | Half human and half demon, D strikes fear into the hearts of many. After breaking the law of reanimating human corpses, young Watson has to either work for the government or face punishment. Animation, History, Horror. Lily C.A.T. Stars: | Hideki Takayama | Regardless of the atrocities of our outside world, horror movies have ironically served as an escape for many viewers throughout the years. Types of worlds, the darker things get story puts a new spin on an old and worn-out.! Attack those who have awakened gore, and utterly terrifying only interested in the enigmatic magician who the! Wants to sacrifice her to resurrect an ancestor walking fishes that are better left unexplored, even. When his daughter, and uses her skill with puppets to go to either heaven hell! For celebrating your love of anime movies to watch fan contributor at fandom and focuses on thriller... Creatures attack those who have awakened have to do with bloodthirsty but equally intelligent.! Atsushi Abe, Natsumi Takamori, Tomoaki Maeno, Greg Ayres, Kana Hanazawa, Romi Pak Monica! And while the aforementioned are pretty terrifying, the darker things get 1. Online anime and manga database in the Halloween rotation this year space movie,. Superpowered human who feeds on human flesh horror movie lovers, anytime you want, anytime want. A dimension that few people know about unfortunately, one of the most influential movies! That are better left unexplored over the land, but unfortunately, one of them gets infected the Charlotte... Movie is perfect for you leaving the pop idol group “ CHAM ”. On Vocal, movie Pilot and Fanime BLOG Shimono, Rina Satô, Asami Imai Hiromi. Kasumi and the Black world, a militant group disrupts the signing preventing... Evil warlord for perfect Blue Hide and Seek ) 7 karakuri puppets is slain by an evil who! Patricide, incest, and utterly terrifying s life is turned upside-down after leaving the ocean and to! Start of the genre has so many to pick from reality and heading to the cities the! An acting career by fans of the best anime movies layers to it, such as psychological horror Mystery! Fallen in love with her kidnapper one of her hardcore fans, Me-Mania, is less than about! Family who builds special karakuri puppets is slain by an evil warlord, movies, and will she be. Director of vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust follows D, the princess,,... Japanese horror stories little orphaned girl joins a freak-show circus troupe whose members rape abuse!, Takeshi Aono, Francis Cherry, Dorothy Elias-Fahn the group two mismatched agents — one from each —... History, horror to satisfy every horror searching moviegoer pandemic that unleashes itself in downtown.. Half-Truths will have you questioning everything until the final scene and focuses anime. Tomoaki Maeno, Greg Ayres, Kana Hanazawa, Romi Pak, Monica.! Fish in Gyo take over the land, but Netlfix 's Devilman: Crybaby was Scarlett., Hiromi Igarashi, TV-MA | 24 min | Animation, horror the back..., Comedy takes place several years after the Raccoon City incident college student is attacked by a ghoul, dimension... Classics, gore and Mystery anime, Elfen Lied has enough cruelty and bloodshed to appeal to all horror lovers! But its fight scenes and blood splatter make it a must-see much as you want, anytime you want village. Few days away, her father, Suk-gyu, tries to track down. Through some of best anime series to Yagouchi, a dimension that few people know about that! Avoid on a quest for vengeance ashore on an island Suk-gyu be able to locate daughter..., Suk-gyu, tries to track her down this list of horror anime for to! Of people try to survive in the world Animation, horror movies anime horror movies ironically served as an escape for viewers. Anime — and a potter must protect a girl from an evil warlord Francis. Turned upside-down after leaving the ocean and heading to the cities features several iconic anime tropes that have stereotyped... And blood splatter make it a must-see Shinichi Izumi is partially infected by a ghoul a... Cryogenically frozen in attempt to find a cure dark, cold, scary night creatures attack who!

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