2. I would rather cheer for people that have very reasonable racist problems because of their history than a country that uses child soldiers because they aren't good for anything else. Demacias only problem is their fear of magic. Will you follow the Noxian path or become a prideful Demacian? Follow. How to create a webinar that resonates with remote audiences; Dec. 30, 2020. I love this couple Demacia VS Noxus. Noxus got rid of slavery, elite top kingdom ship and is powerful in ranks advance. Havent you had a friend that has been through trauma and so they are closed off and single minded towards certain things? Just Message us That is how Galio became alive as well right. 6:36 PREVIEW This Is War 1. ADMINS OF THE PAGE: Coolarage Waffle We are looking for new Admins. I mean, Elise is literally sacrificing people to her spider god to keep her powers and that is overlooked by the higher ups because she brings back some magic mambo jambo from the shadow isles from time to time. report. The winner is the one which gets best visibility on Google. Demacia vs Noxus. League of Legends Stickman – Demacia Vs Noxus : Don't miss the new exciting game sponsored by StickmanGames Original: INSOMNIA, for those who don't know: We are publishing a chronological history of Stickman games. But they are still violently forcing their way onto everyone. Just to be exact 24 soldiers vs 2000+ excluding all the Nokmirch soldiers. The point of mage rebellion is obviously to somewhat even the karmic scales between Demacia and Noxus. button. July 2020. I would rather not have a country that wages war on everyone else just because they want to without any practical reason to be victorious. And subsequently, the only ones who could save the kingdom would be the demacian exiled mages tutored by Sylas or by the Illuminators to fend off these threats. Falconshield - This Is War_ Noxus vs Demacia _COLLAB_. No wrong answers. We are looking for a solution and we apologize for the inconvenience. So you have history of being afraid of magic mixed in with a overzealous demi god drilling into the military and higher ups to be strict and “just” and bam you have current Demacia’s uneasy approach to magic users. Kayle instills strict justice and her followers carry this out. I think it would be nicer if Demacia solves their own problems. Just ask Riven. They eliminated slavery and accept all people, mage or otherwise into their ranks. For example, I can really see Rell and Sylas working together to protect magical folk against being used/mistreated. Champs are of your own choosing. Stream This Is War- Noxus Vs Demacia by P-Dasher from desktop or your mobile device 6 years ago | 294 views. no problem just repurpose them for war, Shuriman earth-bending kid yeah that's for war. And while Noxus might not have slavery per say, the minotaurs are basically slaves in the battle arena system. Magic nearly ruined the world and Demacia was at one point one of the only safe places for them. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Demacia is a shining beacon of hope for humanity, and as such the nation and its Capital are the visual representations of this concept. I mean I still agree with you, but sadly there are currently not that many examples of Noxus doing bad stuff under Swains rule. A nicely done animation that you imagine an epic clash between two cities characters of the famous game League of Legends. I personally want Noxus to win. A third side formed between fragments of both Demacia and Noxus would be interesting. There's Sylas, Lux, Shyvana to play their decisive roles in the mage problem. fast forward a bit and you have Kayle and Morgana. DEMACIA vs NOXUS | SIEGE MODE lol fails reddit: 4,963 Likes: 4,963 Dislikes: 197,607 views views: 1.47M followers: Gaming: Upload TimeStreamed live on 24 Jul 2016 The worst things are using Sion as a weapon(who is implied to massacre some of his own allies in combat) and Swain ignoring Rells "school", likely because he had more pressing matters to concern himself with. Discover more posts about Demacia vs Noxus. Will you follow the Noxian path or become a prideful Demacian? Agree, Noxus is the epitome of "More Trans Drone Pilots". Demacia VS Noxus by wnsdud34 on DeviantArt. This Is War- Noxus Vs Demacia by P-Dasher published on 2014-06-19T18:36:15Z. Only slavery of noxian citizens. I really hope I brought some insight into why Demacia is a morally better region and probably a nicer place to live. 9 talking about this. They were an accepting people back then because they accepted the likes of Poppy, Minotaurs, etc. Maybe we could play with these characters! Yes, they have an inclusive society. He will eradicate anything in his path. Also what about the Rune wars? They are also loyal allies helping the nations that they border. Well, actually they didnt get rid of slavery. Don't miss our new game, in Christmas setting : Stick Santa Gift Collect. They want to take over and make everyone think Noxus is right, everyone else is wrong. LoL Demacia vs Noxus. There should be an option where the teams would be divided into Demacia and Noxus. hide. But now it's here - I give to you: the epic struggle between the two major factions - Noxus and Demacia! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Eh you should keep in mind that Elise and Vlad are both parts of the black rose, they don't work for the government, but for Leblanc, so I think they are both bad examples of Noxus being bad. Isn't Noxus a big reason on Demacia continuously being anti magic. Shouldn’t the nation that accepts everyone be the one to go for? Prezi’s Big Ideas 2021: Expert advice for the new year follow on Facebook and Google hashtag #oneGAMEaDAY. The Kingdom of Demacia (commonly referred to as Demacia) is a nation located in the Western part of Valoran, sharing its borders with Freljord and is close to bordering with Noxus. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. They don't care if someone is using methods which should be considered unethical. There is a clean and pristine feel an… Just Message us And yes, Demacia is not a good place, they hunt mages without a real good motive... but I find it strange seeing the community saying "Demacia scum, they are racist fascist and they commit genocide" while shouting "Blood for Noxus!". Champion Spotlight: Quinn and Valor, Demacia's Wings; League of Legends: Demacia vs Noxus; Crowd Reactions to Stick Figure Spotlight 2 (season 2 world championships) Stick Figure Spotlight 3 - The Twisted Treeline; Stick Figure Morons V!!!!! Demacia Elite we’re able to beat a horde of Noxus, from the book it was a few hundred if not thousand. We are pleased to announce that Mochi games, now work correctly. Tomica1995 Junior Member 03-13-2013. While Noxus does have some great traits it's still a jingoistic nation that has brought the death of possibly millions at this point. AntiRivet, Rawb, LilyPichu and Draggles] 1. And people die in the street every day. I think many people are overlooking that Noxus are still extreme and violent warmongers. Volg op Facebook en Google hashtag #oneGAMEaDAY | 16-Apr-2014 - We zijn blij te kunnen aankondigen dat Mochi spelletjes, nu … 10 comments. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Demacia can change with their anti mage ways and their people are already trying to change. Noxus have child abuse (the academy where Rell was being trained), Swain knew about it. Stick Figure Spotlight 2 - Demacia vs Noxus. What do you think about this comment? Demacia vs Noxus (Lol) 5 Demacia champs vs 5 Noxus champs, who wins? We wish you a 2014 full of Stickman Games! Hyun This song has been in the works for months! 5 years ago | 11 views. Take a second to look at our Beginner's Guide.It contains the information necessary for you to have an easier experience here. LoL forum thread "[NA] Demacia vs. Noxus". And they don't murder mages, they just have them monitored because they can be such dangers to society. Just for the record, there have been many examples of mages living peacefully in Demacia with the knowledge of the ruling class and mage organizations. And there is also a clear lack of morals. Sure let's use chemical warfare. Why do you think Demacia is the country to root for if they discriminate toward mages? The same goes for people who aren't good at anything in particular. 1 2. I'd rather root for the watchers honestly, they just want to sleep peacefully. Prisoners are used in the arenas. This is War – Noxus VS Demacia review Posted: March 25, 2014 in Assignment, CMWP, Fluff Tags: assignment, League of legends, review. But trying to control a potential problem that could very well end the world is far less worse than going around massacring people in the name of war. Riven was hunted for being an exile. ADMINS OF THE PAGE: Coolarage Waffle We are looking for new Admins. share. She had a pretty good life in Ionia until she was captured. To be fair, both sides have people who they have alienated who have cast away their own nations' ideals. Share. Thanks and have fun. Blog. Originally Posted by Torethyr. ADMINS OF THE PAGE: Coolarage Waffle We are looking for new Admins. Personally, I like neither. I personally want Noxus to win. Just because Demacia prosecutes mages does not make Noxus any better. Think of this as more of a Disney-esque film featuring the blooming and colorful surroundings of Ionia’s magical forests and how some magic were to be best left in awoken. Looks like most of them are getting forced to be used as war animals. 0. Report. Exhilarating ! Remember that Swain knows almost everything that is happening. ADMINS OF THE PAGE: Coolarage Waffle We are looking for new Admins. Demacia Elite we’re able to beat a horde of Noxus, from the book it was a few hundred if not thousand. Human trafficking, as we can see in Elise's story The Shuttered Manse. League of Legends: Demacia vs Noxus – Inven Global. And there was a noxian soldier murdering children for drake meat and killing tavern wenches in Cassiopeia's story The Shedding of Skin. For League of Legends on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Demacia vs Noxus". 4,411 likes. Noxus isn't changing anytime soon. Demacia is also a very peaceful nationg, instead of conquering their neighbors they support them and from what we've seen fight mostly only defensive wars. Demacian ancestors made their way to the petricite forests because they were escaping the atrocities of the rune wars caused by magic. Sort by. I'm very tired of people not diving into the 2 regions enough to have actual impressions of them so I may have been a little aggressive, sorry about that! And them having basilisks is just a worthless argument, which btw they took away from Shurima and never tamed them as far as I am concerned. a game a day. Demacia vs. Noxus - March 30th Aggression is the name of the game as Demacia smokes Noxus (Don't have a link to the VOD's at the moment, but when I do, this will be updated with the link) Ionia hmm we want world domination why should we care. save. Demacia vs Noxus - Type 2 keywords and click on the 'Fight !' Keep in mind that among their higher ranks are people like Vladimir, Elise, etc. They eliminated slavery and accept all people, mage or otherwise into their ranks. Saved by DeviantArt. But the capital is located on the eastern territory of Valoran, sharing its borders with Freljord, Shurima, and several city-states such as Piltover and Zaun. Just Message us It's really only the mageseekers and some royals. Kinda glad Rell exist. I'm very passionate about Demacia and I dislike the overall image people who don't give enough attention to the subject have about it. The Empire of Noxus (commonly referred to as Noxus) is a massive expansionist culture, its constantly moving its borders further outward and currently sits as the biggest empire in Runeterra. Everyone else is fair game. So if you actually care about the politics of the 2 regions I suggest looking into them rather than just having the "racists" vs "2018 everyone is equal" takes. Though most of them are kind of irrelevant post the LUX Comic. I'm so tired of all these people arguing for Noxus ever since the 2 regions received more shades instead of just being black and white. 0  0. beautiful! The heroes of Demacia and Noxus will fight using their special abilities, and it will be a fight to the death ’.. It also is close to bordering with Demacia. Will you follow the Noxian path or become a prideful Demacian? HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!! 7 talking about this. Dedicated to the lore of Runeterra. 100% Upvoted. Share & discuss your favorite strategy guide or build on our League of Legends Forum! The largest city in the Kingdom, the capital is the main political, cultural, religious, military, economic and educational center of the country. Idea: Demacia VS Noxus. Now apply this to Demacia. But for me, it would not be boring to see Noxus conquering the Great City of Demacia using powerfull dark magic, thus bringing the attention of demons (noc, eve, fiddles). Then brought back in chains and sentenced for life in the fighting pits, battling chained against armed men. And even forced labor/slavery. Jan. 15, 2021. I've used a lot of points about how what they do outside of Noxus is awful, inside of Noxus obviously it's not so bad but orphans, handicapped and old people are discarded because they aren't of use to the empire. More posts from the loreofleague community. En este vídeo analizamos quien ganaría si se enfrentara Demacia vs Noxus Soy parte del Programa de Socios de LoL oficial de Riot Games Si quieres leer por tu … Both Demacia and Noxus have pretty bad sides to them. To Chat click on "Chat Show". Noxus vs Demacia. Is Demacia ready to combat people like Brand and those seeking ultimate power ? Now, if Swain knows everything, why didn't he dealt with the soldier before? They have the ability to tame basaliske at a younge age (granted Demacia had the raptors). Like they were known for their arcane arts and magic murdering a lot and that's why Galio was made. Wrath of zain sounds like a great horror movie and piltover makes me think of last stand. Officially sponsored by the r/leagueoflegends subreddit. Sure it is for some what selfish reasons but they still provide large amount of aid to help protect these nations' sovereignty. Click to chat "Show Chat" below. See a recent post on Tumblr from @garencrownguard-blog about Demacia vs Noxus. After the closure of MOCHI MEDIA, many of our games have stopped working. The currently well-known locations within Noxus are: een spel per dag. Stream This Is War (Noxus vs Demacia - Battle of the Bands) - Falconshield by Victor Gutiérrez 59 from desktop or your mobile device (League of Legends) Demacia and Noxus part 1 … They have the ability to tame basaliske at a younge age(granted Demacia had the raptors). Comment below rating threshold, click here to show it. 4,413 likes. Demacia being leery about magic is perfectly understandable. Welcome to the forums! Finally have a champ that isn't drinking the Noxian Koolaid. This is the Official League of Legends community replacing the League of Legends Boards. The idea is simple, that is the rivalry that makes up the lore for a lot of the champions we use in our beloved summoners rift. To be fair, Demacia’s history is what made it like it is. Will you follow the Noxian path or become a prideful Demacian? This thread is archived. The arena is just a plain grass field. Just Message us Elephants? Then after the debacle where Morgana fries Kayle’s most devoted follower and Kayle unleashes star fire to “cleanse” Demacia, the demacians put their foot down when it came to magic users. 2014 Preview SONG TIME This Is War 1 (Noxus vs Demacia) [feat. The currently well known locations encompassing Demacia are: NIEUWS: 12-Dec-2014 - Mis niet de nieuwe spannende wedstrijd gesponsord door StickmanGames origineel: SLAPELOOSHEID | 05-Sep-2014 - voor degenen die niet weten: We publiceren een chronologische geschiedenis van Stickman spelen. Support me on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/falconshieldmusicThis song has been in the works for months! Music game Riot. And organizatiosn within Noxus with great influence aren't exactly great to mages either, look at Rell and her story. If you find someone not working let us know. Noxus vs Demacia. As seen on the season 2 world championships, stick figures make their way back into league of legends, this time in a full on 5vs5 fight between Demacians and Noxians! Can i root for neither? Noxus is very shady. That's not to mention that Noxus generally just takes stuff wherever they want. Noxus has a whole libraries worth of problems. Remember, Swain knows all with birds.

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