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Present (in order of decreasing youthfulness)

Venugopal Punati: Contact mechanics and dynamics of adhesive beams.

Abhinav Dehadrai: Dynamics of large-scale helicopter towed mineral detectors.

Prasad Sonar: Dynamics of granular flow over flexible beds.

Vineet Nair: Instabilities in granular flows over flexible beams.

Krishna Surya: Contact mechanics of liquid-filled adhesive vesicles.

Deepak Sachan: Application of homogenization to contact with heterogeneous bodies.

Shruti Pandey: Slow and fast mechanics of Ice.


Ashish Bhateja (2015): Segregation and pattern formation in granular mixtures. (Now at IIT Bombay as a post-doctoral fellow with Devang Khakhar)

Ravi Dalmeya (2014): Contact mechanics of patterned adhesive thin films. Joined 3DPLM.



Nikhil Singh

K. Vikas


Ashish Bhateja: Developed a molecular dynamics code to investigate segregation in heterogeneous systems. Did it with Jayant, while I peeped over their shoulders. Joined GE, found it a black hole, and came back for a Ph.D.

K Ravi Kumar: Created a comprehensive model to analyze AFM data. Now at GE. 

Venugopal Punati: Worked on wave propagation in two-dimensional assemblies of disks. Was at TELCO. Now back with me for a Ph. D.

Laxminarsimharao: Worked on developing spectral methods to resolve three-dimensional volume integrals. Has continued on to a Ph. D. with Sovan Lal Das.

Bhanwar Ram Guru: Set up our granular mechanics lab. Did initial experiments on segregation. In Delhi, preparing for the UPSC examination.

Abhinav Dehadrai: Did theoretical modeling and experiments of sloshing and fuel estimation in tanks. Has joined me for a Ph.D.

Shivam: Experiments in granular segregation. Currently with UPSEB, cutting power right next to you.

Shailendra Pal Veer Singh: Worked on formation of rubble-pile binaries. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. at UCSD.

Vipin Agrawal: Worked on capture of rubble-pile satellites. Was at GE, Bangalore. Maybe at U. Maryland, College Park.

Vishal Sharma (with Sovan Lal Das): Application of ring models to tyres. Joined TVS Motors in Bangalore.

Abhishek Srivastava (with Pankaj Wahi): Dynamics of AFM. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in T&AM at Cornell.

Akshaye Atwe (with Shantanu Bhattacharya): Developed a hyrdogel based valve. Joined Ashoka Leyland.

Soumya Mukherjee: Worked on Thermal ratcheting in thick cylindrical pipes. Going to CMU for a PhD.

Vikaas: Simulated granular flow down a vertical chute. Joined L&T

Vimal Kumar Gaurav: Worked on Washing machine dynamics. Rejected an offer from Samsunf washing machine company to work on bigger turbines in BHEL.

Vinita Kumari: Dynamics of spinning gravitating granular aggregates.

Sachendra Singh: DEM simulations of granular asteroids.

Shayandev Sinha: Viscoleastic contact.